Mnenje Sergio

Published: 05.02.2018

I am Sergio Cipollini breeder of Pyrenean Mastiff's Dell'Antica Brughiera from Legnano (MI).

I would like to highlight my experience with the complementary feed ProArtLeg and to specify its surprising effect, in fact with the puppies in the most critical phase of their growth, in puppies when they still do not have very harmonious movements (Quanita dell’antica Brughiera in the photo 13 months BIS young) and in adults when we talk about subjects of a certain size like Pyrenean Mastiffs, I must say that this supplement is really excellent and since I use it I'm really happy with the results obtained.

Thank you. Sergio Cipollini Mastino dei pirenei Dell’Antica Brughiera

ProArtLeg Maxy

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