Opinion Tiziana in Massimiliano

Published: 04.03.2018

We are Tiziana Campi and Massimiliano Carinelli, owners of die Leoni Imperiali kennel for the selection of the Chow Chow breed.


We have been using ProArtLeg supplements for both our puppies and for adults for some time now and we are particularly pleased to report the excellent results we have found.

The puppies that until the year of age take systematic cycles of the product Junior present a harmonious growth and a physical activity of greater importance.

Instead we use ProArtLeg Maxi on adults and especially on subjects who systematically attend the expositions and are therefore subjected to psycho-physical stress. In these subjects there is an undoubted improvement in performance and muscle power.

We feel to affirm that this supplement has shown its excellent quality giving optimal results even in the case of elderly subjects who resume motor activity in a short time, recovering a mobility much more loose and free from common joint pain due to age.

After more than twenty years of Chow Chow's selection and the numerous and indisputable successes in the rings all over the world, we would like to recommend without a doubt the product that we consider excellent for our breed.

Tiziana and Massimiliano
dei Leoni Imperiali Kennel

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