Opinion Natalija Dragan Gajari

Published: 24.12.2017

As the owner of several dogs and breeder, I often encounter the problem of stomach and digestive problems. I usually solved this with diets, and in severe cases with a visit by a veterinarian, which meant a prolonged treatment with tablets and consequently, also great expense.

My friend recommended me Lactoadapt and I did not really believe it was really that effective. Soon I was convinced that it really works and also very fast: the puppy ate something and began to have a typical flow of stomach and general malaise. After the pill of Lactoadapt, the flow stopped within 2 hours and the diarrhea, which always appeared, did not occur at all, and the puppy was happy and satisfied again and had appetite. I also use Lactoadapt in pregnant bitches, who have problems with nausea as well as in puppies, in case of their digestive problems with the transition from breast milk to other foods. Therefore, I really recommend Lactoadapt for digestive problems.

Natalija Dragan Gajari, psarna Danatera

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