Opinion Nataša Predalič

Published: 20.12.2017

When my Hardy was one year old, he was poisoned and the consequences were unfortunately very long. Common diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to change of food - this was often on the "schedule".

Any rumor in his stomach upset me, as I knew it meant again a few days of nutrition with baked rice and I was hoping that it will not be so bad that will need to go to have infusion. I have tried many of the products that should
help with gastric problems, but unfortunately no product has brought guaranteed success. Lactoadapt was another of the products that I tried with a little doubt. Already the first time I gave him a pill Hardy surprisingly fast made a normal poo and equally positive the reaction was also every time the rumors in his stomach appeared. One tablet and it was soon better. I will not say that Lactoadapt make wonders, but the fact that in the last years I'm going to veterinary only on vaccination and this tells a lot. I have a similar experience with my "all eater" Bongi, who also likes the live mouse - I can give him luckily Lactoapadt also as prevention . I think Lactoadapt must be mandatory "equipment" of every dog's home and one of the things - a must have - when you go on travel and the pet comes with you.

Nataša Predalič, Slovenija

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