Opinion Katarína Čerešňáková

Published: 19.12.2017

I have learned about ProArtLeg more than two years ago. First I started to give ProArtLeg MAXI to my adult females. After some time of using of ProArtLeg MAXI, a litter “B” was born in my kennel, from which I kept a baby.

She had a minor injury on her hind leg in 3 months and started putting her weight on the front legs that had begun to turn out.In the meantime, I was taking another product for prevention, but it didn‘t work.I did not hesitate for a second and bought ProArtLeg JUNIOR.After 2 weeks from the beginning of administration, the first changes began to be seen, as her feet returned to the cat's paw and the dorsal joints began to straighten and as she was growing up she was strong and firm in the skeleton. She received ProArtLeg JUNIOR for a year, and since then all my adult females have received 2 months of ProArtLeg MAXI treatment. My next litter get ProArtLeg JUNIOR along with the first complementary food. Another puppy at my kennel also gets it.

ProArtLeg JUNIOR suits me as a natural-based product, there is a low dosage for such heavy puppies as the Great Dane is and what is important, puppies and adult dogs voluntary accept it as „sweets" and last but not least, I have a good experience with it even after there has been a growing problem and I think that even thanks to ProArtLeg JUNIOR we managed to overcome the growth period more easily.

I am very grateful that such a product is on the market and that it can be given to my dog at my kennel and that I can recommend it to my breeding and to other my friends and acquaintances who have dogs.

Katarína Čerešňáková, Beautiful Blue Ballerines Slovakia

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