Published: 28 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Tiziana Armanini

I would like to thank my friend Barbara Dagnino for letting me try Dogoteka chondroprottectors (ProArtLeg ). My old Jack Russel was limping and she was not jumping and running anymore. I administered the product for a month and from the first week there was a considerab...

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Published: 29 NOVEMBER 2018

Opinion Beata Wielonek

To our viszla was given the supplement for 6 weeks. During this time she was fed with the Fish4Dogs feed. During this period there was a noticeable improvement in the condition of the front legs. At the moment, the legs are almost straight and this I consider is the me...

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Published: 22 OCTOBER 2018

Opinion Aneta Kolodziejczyk

Problems with the locomotor system in Great Dane can occur at any stage of development, not only during the period of intense growth. In our female Estrella, after her first heat appeared so called rambling lameness, very difficult to diagnose. We have used several popu...

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Published: 20 JULY 2018

Opinion Iwona Paprocka

When my dogs are not sleeping, they run all the time so I wanted to help their joints. Once, for tax reasons, I made a percentage analysis of the composition of ProArtLeg.

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Published: 06 MAY 2018

Opinion Anna Rožalska Sypliwa

I am very satisfied with ProArtLeg. Very cool in a period of intensive growth and increasing the body weight of the dog.

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Published: 31 MARCH 2018

Opinion Bogusia Pietrzyk-Goryl

Hania is a very active female. During the change of teeth her feet became soft and began to turn out. After the treatment the improvement was clear and brief.

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Published: 28 MARCH 2018

Opinion - kennel Caritesori FCI - Ewa Stach

We had a small problem with Lusy's feet, one foot turned out, and now after ProArtLeg's administration, the effect is excellent. I recommend it and thank you to Mrs. Kasia.

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Published: 18 MARCH 2018

Opinion Jolanta Czajkowska

Dear friends, I present you my Fifi and her beautiful feet which I am very proud of. These cat feet were obtained after 2 months of ProArtLeg administration.

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Published: 31 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Rambo

I would like to thank ProArtLeg®. We are after 3 months of treatment with this product and with a clear conscience we recommend it. I have a dog with health problems since we brought him home (he was 4 months old).

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Published: 30 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion bulldog

I strongly recommend complementary feed ProArtLeg maxi, we use it in our bulldog, which has long struggled with the problem of moving. Last month the dog did not want to walk at all.

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Published: 25 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Lucia Kosinová

For a long time, due to weak joints, we could not do any more demanding activity, especially in winter, but thanks to ProArtLegu, we can already run for a full day tour and continue agility without any difficulty and regardless of weather.

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