Published: 23 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Great Dane

So well are straightening the back legs of the 5-months-old dane after changing his nutrition and starting with the Proartleg Junior, Proartleg Maxy and Multiadapt supplements. This is the result after 1 month of use of this trio. And let's continue forward. We thank th...

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Published: 18 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Tammy Pocock

We have achieved excellent results using Proartleg junior, Proartleg maxi and Multiadapt on our young puppy who was looking weak on her front feet at 8 weeks old, with help from Ksenija (Dogoteka) we got her on the correct dosage and now she is growing beautifully and ...

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Published: 13 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion ProArtLeg junior and MultiAdapt

Pictures before and after three weeks of therapy with ProArtLeg Junior and Multiadapt.

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Published: 01 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Eniko Pogany Takacs

We present you a blue Great Dane female Candy. She was sold at 10 weeks of age to a new family.When she was 4 month old her legs start to be very weak.Her breeder decided to try ProArtLeg Maxi and Multiadapt.She now has 8 month old and now she continue with ProArtLeg Ju...

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Published: 11 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Celine

We present you a blue Great Dane female Olysheeran. She was sold at 2 months of age to a new family and she was returned to a breeder at age 4 in this conditions.

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Published: 09 JULY 2018

Opinion Shih Tzu BaZi Plus Stelo

This product as used in puppies of 4 weeks of age. Puppies in age of development gain their weight very fast so I bought this product as prevention. I recommend it to all breeders so their puppies can grow perfect.

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Published: 09 APRIL 2018

Opinion Jacopo Masuero

We have used the "ProArtLeg" products on a puppy of great dane of almost 5 months, which since three weeks showed to have serious problems of support on the front legs, so we intervened with ProArtLeg Maxy, ProArtLeg Junior and MultiAdapt and in just three week there wa...

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Published: 19 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Katarína Čerešňáková

I have learned about ProArtLeg more than two years ago. First I started to give ProArtLeg MAXI to my adult females. After some time of using of ProArtLeg MAXI, a litter “B” was born in my kennel, from which I kept a baby.

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Published: 18 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Kristýna Krčmová Höfferová

"I have just begun with ProArtLeg junior, I think I'm giving to my dog exactly what he needs in his development, and I will continue in adult age because I met a Great dane who has excellent condition despite his illness just thanks to these products, so I can only rec...

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Published: 18 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Nina Prcač Dolinšek

I have been using Dogotine products for many years now and I am very pleased with them. I use them as an aid for joints in the growth of my puppies, as a prevention (joints, muscles) in adult dogs, because we are very active. I recommend the products to the owners of ou...

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