Published: 25 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Antonella Spadini

He is Nico a 2-year-old rottwailer who lived stray for the island of Lampedusa. He was invested by reporting the fracture of the right elbow, left knee plus cruciate ligament rupture and mild fracture L7 spine.

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Published: 24 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Great Dane blue - VIDEO

Video opinion blue Great Dane

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Published: 23 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Great Dane

So well are straightening the back legs of the 5-months-old dane after changing his nutrition and starting with the Proartleg Junior, Proartleg Maxy and Multiadapt supplements. This is the result after 1 month of use of this trio. And let's continue forward. We thank th...

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Published: 21 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Ursula Paffrath

German Shepherd female initiated at 6 months - Giardia treatment and high doses of Lacto Adapt for intestinal rehabilitation.

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Published: 18 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Tammy Pocock

We have achieved excellent results using Proartleg junior, Proartleg maxi and Multiadapt on our young puppy who was looking weak on her front feet at 8 weeks old, with help from Ksenija (Dogoteka) we got her on the correct dosage and now she is growing beautifully and ...

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Published: 01 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Eniko Pogany Takacs

We present you a blue Great Dane female Candy. She was sold at 10 weeks of age to a new family.When she was 4 month old her legs start to be very weak.Her breeder decided to try ProArtLeg Maxi and Multiadapt.She now has 8 month old and now she continue with ProArtLeg Ju...

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Published: 30 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Cane corso

Female Cane corso of 12 month. Described by the owner: crazy devil-it's never firm. Big, with rapid growth of both weight gain and height.

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Published: 14 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Petra Maibuchen

We have recommended to the breeder of the young male the food Trainer power maxy junior for its optimal ratio of calcium and phosphorus. Multiadapt and Proartleg Maxy of Dogoteka were immediately given in full dose. The dog has been receiving the products now for 3-4 m...

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Published: 29 NOVEMBER 2018

Opinion Anita Viragh

Considering that there are thousands of "magic products" on the market, I have to admit I was a bit sceptic about ProArtleg Maxy at the beginning.

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Published: 25 NOVEMBER 2018

Opinion Petra Maibuchen

First results after 3 boxes of ProArtLeg Maxy and 2 boxes of MultiAapt

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Published: 21 NOVEMBER 2018

Opinion Petra Maibuchen

Great dane male 6 months of age / first results with Dogoteka ProArtLeg Maxy / MultiAdapt Exclusion Ancestral Original… in 4 weeks new pictures are coming.

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Published: 02 NOVEMBER 2018

Opinion Wioletta Paluch

Brunois not a champion, neither World champion-he is simply my beloved Labrador retriever. For years he has problems with his joints. Nothing helped :(

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Published: 22 OCTOBER 2018

Opinion Aneta Kolodziejczyk

Problems with the locomotor system in Great Dane can occur at any stage of development, not only during the period of intense growth. In our female Estrella, after her first heat appeared so called rambling lameness, very difficult to diagnose. We have used several popu...

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Published: 13 AUGUST 2018

Opinion Michele Ragno

For some time now I've been using ProArtLeg Maxy in a Russian terrier who has had a problem with french stand. When I bought the mentioned supplement, immediately after a few days of use the dog began to position the legs better and became more agile and eager to play....

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Published: 23 JULY 2018

Opinion Barbara Kurek

Our 6 year old Ares has suffered from hip dysplasia practically since birth. First there was a procedure, which improved bone position of one leg and the other practically without change was beyond the acetabulum.

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Published: 20 JULY 2018

Opinion Iwona Paprocka

When my dogs are not sleeping, they run all the time so I wanted to help their joints. Once, for tax reasons, I made a percentage analysis of the composition of ProArtLeg.

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Published: 19 JUNE 2018

Opinion Kennel Flosculi St Fanciscus

We really recommend it!!!

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Published: 07 MAY 2018

Opinion Rina Paolini

I am Rina Paolini, breeder of Great Danes, kennel di Torre San Francesco. One puppy bred by use had a problem in front legs.

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Published: 05 MAY 2018

Opinion Jolanta Woźniak

Since always I have searched for innovative joints protection for my Berneses. Berneses like Berneses, it is difficult to form one from three ones. We’ve been using ProArtLex maxy for a long time.

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Published: 09 APRIL 2018

Opinion Jacopo Masuero

We have used the "ProArtLeg" products on a puppy of great dane of almost 5 months, which since three weeks showed to have serious problems of support on the front legs, so we intervened with ProArtLeg Maxy, ProArtLeg Junior and MultiAdapt and in just three week there wa...

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Published: 23 MARCH 2018

Opinion Agnieszka Mucha

We would love to share the effect after three weeks of using ProArtLeg Maxy.

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Published: 04 MARCH 2018

Opinion Tiziana in Massimiliano

We are Tiziana Campi and Massimiliano Carinelli, owners of die Leoni Imperiali kennel for the selection of the Chow Chow breed.

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Published: 28 FEBRUARY 2018

Opinion Normana

Do you remember Norman? Mmmm it could be difficult to recognize him from this position.

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Published: 15 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Marta

Yesterday I received photos of beautiful Dali. When I first time spoke with her owner, Dali was 5 months old and her paws were weak, soft and flat and she also had, so called, cow position of rear legs.

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Published: 09 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Agnieszka

Yesterday I received from Ms. Agnieszka, owner of beautiful Diament, three new pictures made after 14 days of treatment with ProArtLeg maxy. The earlier treatment with other complementary feed gave no results.

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Published: 05 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Agate Markiewicz

We would like to introduce you Newfoundland Royal. Probably Royal is the case on which our company is most proud. When the owner contacted the Polish distributor Non dimenticare company, his situation was really worrying.

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Published: 04 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Great Dane

Great Dane 4 months old before and after 1 month of use of ProArtLeg maxy. After the therapy with ProArtLeg maxy the dog has continued with ProArtLeg junior.

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Published: 03 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Nina Prcač Dolinšek

I have been using Dogotine products for many years now and I am very pleased with them. I use them as an aid for joints in the growth of my puppies, as a prevention (joints, muscles) in adult dogs, because we are very active.

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Published: 02 JANUARY 2018

Opinion Falkowska

ProArtLeg Maxy was recommended to us by our veterinarian, who assured us that there is no better supplement for dogs on the market. We needed something that would help us in the hard time of growing the Our young Great Dane , which would help build muscle, improve joint...

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Published: 01 JANUARY 2018

Opinion labrador

Thank you very much for the ProArtLeg Maxy tablets, which made Abra stand on her paws. It did not take long for the effect, because the second day I saw a significant improvement. We have already started the third package. We thank you all!!!

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Published: 29 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Bruno

I would like to share with all my opinion about the new product on the Polish market for medium to large breeds. I tried on Bruno ProArtLeg Maxi (already 4th pack) - a product for joints well known in the Great Danes breeders' community.

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Published: 28 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Lanquesco

Thank you Kasia Niemiec for professional advice and assistance in selecting supplements for our Iszi.

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Published: 27 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Sarka

Good evening, I'm sending photos from IHA Wels, where Cedrik won the title CACA, last to accomplish the Austrian champion title.

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Published: 11 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Great Dane after 1 month of treatment

Great Dane picture before and after 1 month of treatment with ProArtLeg Maxi.

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