Published: 13 AUGUST 2018

Opinion Michele Ragno

For some time now I've been using ProArtLeg Maxy in a Russian terrier who has had a problem with french stand. When I bought the mentioned supplement, immediately after a few days of use the dog began to position the legs better and became more agile and eager to play....

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Published: 23 JULY 2018

Opinion Barbara Kurek

Our 6 year old Ares has suffered from hip dysplasia practically since birth. First there was a procedure, which improved bone position of one leg and the other practically without change was beyond the acetabulum.

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Published: 20 JULY 2018

Opinion Iwona Paprocka

When my dogs are not sleeping, they run all the time so I wanted to help their joints. Once, for tax reasons, I made a percentage analysis of the composition of ProArtLeg.

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Published: 19 JUNE 2018

Opinion Kennel Flosculi St Fanciscus

We really recommend it!!!

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Published: 07 MAY 2018

Opinion Rina Paolini

I am Rina Paolini, breeder of Great Danes, kennel di Torre San Francesco. One puppy bred by use had a problem in front legs.

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Published: 05 MAY 2018

Opinion Jolanta Woźniak

Since always I have searched for innovative joints protection for my Berneses. Berneses like Berneses, it is difficult to form one from three ones. We’ve been using ProArtLex maxy for a long time.

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