Published: 21 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Ursula Paffrath

German Shepherd female initiated at 6 months - Giardia treatment and high doses of Lacto Adapt for intestinal rehabilitation.

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Published: 16 MARCH 2018

Opinion Monika and Magdalena

Monika Laskowska and Magdalena Mosiołek, owners of SHAHTOOSH Kennel

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Published: 01 JANUARY 2018


Is recommended to support the balance of microbial intestinal flora. It is indicated as an active adjuvant in gastro intestinal infections, diarrhea and constipation.

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Published: 24 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Natalija Dragan Gajari

As the owner of several dogs and breeder, I often encounter the problem of stomach and digestive problems. I usually solved this with diets, and in severe cases with a visit by a veterinarian, which meant a prolonged treatment with tablets and consequently, also great e...

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Published: 20 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Nataša Predalič

When my Hardy was one year old, he was poisoned and the consequences were unfortunately very long. Common diarrhea, extreme sensitivity to change of food - this was often on the "schedule".

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