Published: 21 JULY 2018

Opinion Agnieszka Zareba

Maj's story is about 5-year-old blue great dane, adopted 15 months ago, who came to me with ear problems. But I did not understand that it would be such a big problem.

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Published: 05 JULY 2018

Opinion Kennel Red Ribbon

I bought a product called Soft Pad Butter last year thinking of using it as a protection for my dogs' elbows. We all know how hard they can throw themselves with their elbows on the bed or on the ground.

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Published: 11 JUNE 2018

Shih tzu TIBU Sap's Nuestro Perro

With show dogs, people invented a lot of ways to care for and protect their hair. One such invention to protect hair from mechanical damage, from urine, or in the case of ears while eating, is curlers.

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Published: 08 MAY 2018

Opinion Elisabeth Stelmach Stankiewicz

I confirm that MultiAdapt, CortiAdapt and Spft Pad Butter work. Molly had a hairy patch on her head from the beginning ...

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Published: 14 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Sara D'Alessandro

I strongly recommend to all this butter! Within a week I solved the problem of my puppy, she had a large and swollen callus that blew and now has only a small scab where she had the wound. I applied every day after disinfecting the affected area, it has a very good coco...

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Published: 12 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Claudia Reghelin

Thanks IN PRIMIS Shaira El Din that RECOMMENDED me THIS PRODUCT ... MY DOG OF 15 YEARS DO NOT Want TO USE materass OR lie on the grass ... AND for one year he was suffering from calluses...

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