Published: 18 JULY 2018

New business partner in Germany

Dogoteka has started partnership with German company GAPPAY.

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Published: 28 MAY 2018


On the basis of the feedback received by Dogoteka from customers, veterinarians and breeders regarding the use of CortiAdapt, the company decided to produce a new lot in which instead of the dropper will be included dosing injection.

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Published: 15 MARCH 2018

New distributor Germany

Dogoteka signed the distribution contract with german company Technoplan which starts to distribute Dogoteka products on German territory.

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Published: 14 JANUARY 2018


The company begins collaboration with Russian freelance photographer Andy Seliverstoff.

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Published: 09 JANUARY 2018


Blogoteka is activated on the website with articles, customer reviews and other interesting things.

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Published: 19 DECEMBER 2017

New product - MultAdapt

The company sends a new product to the market which strengthens the family Adapt - MultiAdapt.

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