Published: 02 APRIL 2020


Giardiasis is intestinal infection in humans and animals, caused by a microscopic protozoan parasite.

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Published: 25 MARCH 2020


Panosteitis in dogs is an inflammatory problem that affects long bones. It occurs, mostly in large and giant breeds, during the growth phase. It is manifested by a sometimes sudden lameness that "moves" from one limb to another. In this short video dr. Patrizio Donati ...

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Published: 17 JANUARY 2020

Hyperflexory syndrome and hyperextensory syndrome, dr. Patrizio Donati DVM

A problem that affects puppies in their early stages of life, affects puppies of certain breeds. Through the images dr. Patrizio Donati explains the two pathologies, causes and therapies.

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Published: 18 MARCH 2019

Joint pain

Joint pains are very common problem in dogs, especially in advancing age and in some specific breeds.

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Published: 14 FEBRUARY 2019


Degenerative pathology affecting the joints. Progressive and irreversible pathology. Also known as Degenerative Joint Disease - DJD. Prevention and therapy.

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