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ProArtLeg® maxy

Complementary feed in tablets for large breed dogs useful for maintaining the proper functioning of the osteoarticular apparatus.

Joint PROTECTION and CONTROL of inflammation and pain.

  • to keep intact and functional joints of dogs subjected to work, also intense
  • to prevent articular degeneration
  • for inflammation of joints and tendons
  • for protection of ligaments and tendons
  • for the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis

Price: 61,85 €including 9,5% tax
Price: 56,48 € without tax

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Published: 28. AUGUST 2018

World Winner Amsterdam 2018

LOKAPALA d`Iskandar was prepared for the WORLD DOG SHOW 2018 with ProArtLeg maxy, MultiAdapt and Soft Pad Butter - we are very proud.

Published: 13. AUGUST 2018

Opinion Michele Ragno

For some time now I've been using ProArtLeg Maxy in a Russian terrier who has had a problem with french stand. When I bought the mentioned supplement, immediately after a few days of use the dog bega...

Published: 23. JULY 2018

Opinion Barbara Kurek

Our 6 year old Ares has suffered from hip dysplasia practically since birth. First there was a procedure, which improved bone position of one leg and the other practically without change was beyond t...

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Dogoteka veterinary line is born from the union of two companies, who have joined their own experience with recent scientific discoveries.

Together, the two companies have joined their knowledge and experience into strictly selected Dogoteka veterinary line.
A special line of high quality products for pets, combining experience with the search for titrated and standardized natural derivative active ingredients, developed with innovative pharmaceutical techniques with the same rigidity, reserved for drug development.


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