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MultiAdapt® is a multifactorial nutritional supplement, useful in promoting natural immune defenses, to optimize metabolism and muscle recovery.

  • dietary supplement of the daily ration also helpful in maintaining the skin and the hair in excellent conditions
  • to maintain muscle tone perfect in dogs undergoing work
  • to satisfy the nutritional needs of growing puppies, pregnant and nursing mothers and elderly dogs and cats
  • in post-operative periods
  • in the convalescence of debilitating diseases due to stimulation of immune defenses due to its specific components
  • as a help in antibiotic treatments

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Characterizing ingredients per 1 tablet of 1 g
Vitamin A 0,476 mg
Vitamin D3 0,0005 mg
Vitamin E 0,8 mg
Vitamin B1 6 mg
Vitamin B2 4 mg
Vitamin B6 2 mg
Vitamin B12 20 mg
Vitamin K3 0,062 mg
Biotin 0,5 mg
Vitamin C 6 mg
Niacinamide 2,6 mg
Calcium d-pantothenate 6 mg
Choline chloride 50 mg
Iron amino acid chelates 8,28 mg
Zinc oxide 5,456 mg
L-selenomethionine 0,02 mg
Potassium iodide 0,01 mg
L-Carnitine 20 mg
Sodium salt of dimethylglycine 60 mg
Manganese monohydrate sulphate 0,616 mg
Copper sulfate pentahydrate 0,3144 mg
Spirulina alga 40 mg
Echinacea 10 mg
Rosa canina 10 mg
Astragalo 10 mg

Active substances

  • Vitamin A - liposoluble vitamin (retinol) which plays a very important role in vision, bone growth, and maintenance of regular immune system functions
  • Vitamin D3 - liposoluble vitamin (colecalciferol) with antirachitis activity. Vitamin D plays its role in the regulating mechanism of calcium homeostasis, it is important for skeletal development and bone mineralization
  • Vitamin E - liposoluble vitamin (α-tocopherol) with antioxidant activity
  • Vitamins of group B (B1 B2 B6 B12) - class of water soluble vitamins (thiamine, riboflavin, etc.) that act as tonic, providing energy for the neurovegetative system and to maintain muscle tone. They also have antioxidant effects and support the immune system.
  • Vitamin C - water-soluble vitamin (ascorbic acid) with powerful antioxidant activity. Vitamin C has the ability to protect plasma lipids, DNA and proteins from various oxidative damage. It can also be useful as an immunostimulant enhancing organic defenses.
  • Niacinamid (vitamin PP) - Vitamin that inhibits protein and lipid oxidation by decreasing the production of free radicals.
  • Biotin and Calcium D-Pantothenate - Water-soluble vitamins (Vit.H and Vit.B5, Panthenol) important in energy metabolism and synthesis of fatty acids. Therefore they have the function of supporting the nervous system, growth and development.
  • Iron glycinate - Iron is one of the most important trace elements. It promotes the formation of red blood cells ensuring proper oxygenation to all tissues. It stimulates the function of the liver, it also has a role in disease resistance and is essential to maintain the immune system efficient.
  • L-Carnitine - the essential amino acid for the transport of fatty acids through the membranes, therefore carries out its function as a vector for energy.
  • Algae Spirulina - For the richness of basic minerals, spirulina algae is among the alkaline foods, helping to restore the acid-base balance of the tissues. In addition, rich in plant proteins (such as biliproteins, those of groups A and B, beta-carotene, vit. D, vit. K and vit. E), is very useful for the nervous system, the immune system and as antioxidant.
  • Echinacea (plant, powder) - Echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) Note for immunostimulatory and anitviral properties, it is useful to favor immune defenses. It has the ability to activate the phagocytic action of lymphocytes and strengthen the specific immune system. It also contains flavonoids (such as lutein, kaempferol, quercetin, apigenin); caffeic acid derivatives (echinacoside, chlorogenic acid), chicory acid, polyenes, alkyl amides and essential oils. In particular, echinacoside performs antibiotic and bacteriostatic action, which inhibits the replication of difficult to control bacteria; while echinacein gives the plant cortisone-like anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Rosa Canina (Powder) - Plant bud extract has immunomodulatory properties, it regulates the immune response of the organism. Small berries are considered the "natural sources" of Vitamin C and can therefore contribute to strengthening the body's natural defenses.
  • Astragalus (root, powder) - The astragalus (Astragalus membranaceus) is known for its immunostimultory, adaptogenic and detoxifying properties, it is useful for supporting immune defenses. The astragalus roots contain triterpenic saponins, flavonoids, rocine amines and polysaccharides. In particular, polysaccharides stimulate the immune system by strengthening the natural mechanisms of defense of the organism. The content of saponins, present in the phytocomplex, gives the plant liver-protective action, as its intake protects the liver from damage caused by chemicals or toxic substances.
  • Dimethylglycine - glycine derivative and choline metabolite, dimethylglycine (DMG) has the function of stimulating the immune system and is also used as a remedy in attention deficit.
  • Sulfate Manganese Monohydrate and Sulfate Copper Pentahydrate - components that provide manganese and copper, essential trace elements especially for proper brain function, bone growth and support for the immune system.
  • Selenium - Selenium is an essential mineral, useful as an antioxidant since it counteract free radicals by protecting against aging and maintaining the elasticity of the tissues.

Instructions for use

Tablets of 1 g
Cats: average weight 5 kg 1/2 tablet in the morning and evening for 7 days. Continue with 1/2 tablet per day for 20 days.
Dogs up to 10 kg 1 tablet in the morning and evening for 7 days. Continue with 1 tablet per day for 20 days.
Dogs from 11 to 25 kg 2 tablets in the morning and evening for 7 days. Continue with 2 tablets per day for 20 days.
Dogs over 26 kg 3 tablets in the morning and evening for 7 days. Continue with 3 tablets per days for 20 days.


MultiAdapt® complementary feed for cats and dogs, 60 tablets of 1 g

Instructios for use:

The tablets should be administered in daily ration or orally according to the weight.

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