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Dietary supplementary feed* in tablets for large breed dogs, useful for supporting joint metabolism in case of osteoarthritis.
*Feed with particular nutritional or dietary purposes


Dietary complementary feed* ALSO USEFUL FOR supporting osteoarticular function, tendons and ligaments in dogs in general or for example in dogs subjected to intense work.

Dietary feeds are able to satisfy a particular nutritional purpose of animals, whose functions (digestive process, absorption or metabolism) are likely to be temporarily altered or are temporarily altered in an irreversible form. From the intake of this type of feed, animals benefit because they meet the needs of their health. There are different types and intended for food-producing or pet animals: from supporting joint metabolism, cardiac, renal, hepatic or dermal function to compensating for digestion up to reducing the risk of ketosis and excess body weight, and nutritional recovery / convalescence.
All particular nutritional purposes and the provisions that regulate them regarding labeling and their nature are authorized by the European Commission through specific Community acts (Dir. 2008/38 / EC and subsequent amendments).

Enhanced formula with the addition of FISH OIL.

Price: 61,85 €including 9,5% tax
Price: 56,48 € without tax

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Published: 12. JANUARY 2021

Opinion Bożena Wyżga

This beautiful representative of her breed, uses MultiAdapt and CortiAdapt to keep her coat in great condition, plus her lady takes amazing care of her feet and that the female doesn't have calluses ...

Published: 09. JANUARY 2021

Opinion Kasia Wuwer

Fyodor-6-year-old Great Dane with problems with cracking skin on his paws, after using Soft PadButter, CortiAdapt and MultiAdapt.

Published: 08. DECEMBER 2020

Tris therapy - Great Dane

The owner asked for help for his 4-month-old Great Dane with the incorrect position of rear legs.


Dogoteka is a dynamic and innovative company, founded on the basis of more than forty years of experience in its veterinary and breeding practice. Concern for the longevity and well-being of their own pets has led the company to seek an effective and natural solution for their health and physical form.

Dogoteka products are made in Italy with heart to help make the lives of our dogs and the dogs and cats of our customers healthier and happier.

Because in Dogoteka - We bark fluently!


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