Synergy of nature and science

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Synergy of Nature and Science

DOGOteka Company is dynamic and innovative company founded with the final goal: to revolutionize the well-being and health of pets with completely natural products developed with knowledge from modern veterinary science, phytopharmacy and herbal medicine.

On the basis of more than 40 years of clinical experiences in its own veterinary and breeding practice, upgraded by scientific evidence from modern phytopharmacy, modern small animal veterinary clinical practice and herbal medicine scientific discoveries, effective formulations for completely natural high quality products and solutions for pets health, growth and well-being were developed under the brand name DOGOteka.

The DOGOteka story

It’s not just a love for dogs that united Ksenija Oseli Donati (FCI judge) and Ziva Oseli Sustercic founders of DOGOteka Company who raised many Great Danes, among them many World Champion Winners in past decades together ( A small start-up team led by dr. Patrizio Donati, DVM used many years of experience and knowledge of own practice and breeding, combined with recent discoveries of modern phytopharmacy and veterinary science of small animals.

With love and passion for raising healthy dogs, they strive to empower modern small animal veterinary clinical practice complementing the healing power of nature by integrating completely natural products made by protocols and production technology used for development of human pharmaceutical drugs.

The small start-up team started in Medvode, Slovenia in the year 2013 with a big ambitious plan: to change the world of supplements and pet care by using natural nutrients and ingredients, believing in the new scientific discoveries that show the phytonutrients (from vegetables, fruit, herbs, shellfish ... etc.) as natural reservoirs of molecules and active compounds capable of strengthening and protecting the innate defense mechanisms of the animal’s organism, with great potential for healing, rejuvenation and regeneration.

After nearly a decade of hard work, DOGOteka products have gained trust and reputation among hundreds of thousands of customers and their pets, in over 50 countries around the world.

Quality, Safety, Effectiveness and Synergy

A special line of high quality natural products for pets, which compose active ingredients of natural origin, were developed with innovative pharmaceutical techniques with the same rigor reserved for the development of human drugs.
The quality management system of Dogoteka branded products is based on the rules dictated by the international standards UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI CEI EN ISO 13485: 2012 in order to guarantee strict product quality control of every production phase.

Ingredients, composition, production, packaging, labeling are under strict quality control to guarantee quality and efficacy of phytotherapeutic products that are safe and effective over time. Additionally, a very important property of DOGOteka products is the synergy and synergistic effect of their ingredients. With synergy, the combined effect of the components is greater than that expected from their arithmetic combination.

Most of the products of DOGOteka are PARNUT products, complementary feed intended for PARticular NUTritional purposes, which are specially formulated pet foods designed to assist pets with metabolic issues and so regulated by the European Commission through specific Community acts (Dir. 2008/38 / EC and subsequent amendments). This modern and science-based regulatory framework is the guarantee that pets with particular nutritional needs will have access to the right nutrition. These products are available to assist with conditions including heart disorders, gastrointestinal conditions, weight management, kidney failure or liver disease, skin and fur disorders plus nutrient intolerances.

DOGOteka Worldwide

Dogoteka products are today produced in facilities in Lombardy in Italy with a heart to help make the lives of our dogs and cats of our customers healthier and happier.

European headquarters are located in Slovenia and the R & D department in the subsidiary office in the capital city of Lombardy, Milan in Italy.

Today customers can buy Dogoteka high quality natural products from veterinary clinics, dealers and distributors worldwide.

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