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French bulldog female after surgery on the third day of life with an antibiotic from day one after severe bleeding with virtually no chance of survival is alive and well !

We used CelerVis Pet energy paste the day after the surgery. The female was very weak, "she was flabby", her tongue was pale, her belly was almost blue. The puppy wanted to live but she lacked strength ... and the energy paste was given to her.Currently, the puppy is 20 days old and receives the energy paste every day. She caught up with the rest of the puppies in the litter and even outdid some of them. A week after the operation at the vet check, he was amazed and said it was impossible that she was alive after a huge loss of blood and an umbilical cord stump with such heavy bleeding, that it had to be removed with an operation on the third day of life. This paste should be used after any surgery or lifting of babies after birth. Both mom and puppies love CelerVis Pet.


 CelerVis Pet


 CelerVis Pet


 CelerVis Pet


 CelerVis Pet


 CelerVis Pet


I highly recommend CelerVis Pet thanks to him we won !!! Opinion by Kasia Niemiec, Dogoteka Polska.


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