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I am a Newfoundland breeder and last year in August 2020 I decided to mate my almost 3 year old Newfoundland. With much regret and disappointment the female remained empty.

A friend advised me to contact Dogoteka and try to use its products, in my case FertiAdapt.
So I ordered FertiAdapt and started administering it from November 2020.
This year in January 2021 my Newfoundland went into heat again, I had chosen a beautiful male for her, but the kennel where he lived was in France. Given the Covid situation in January and the restrictions on moving and going to France were not so simple, we decided to have the refrigerated semen sent to us .
Many doubts and questions haunted me in addition of course to the cost and the uncertainty that my female (already remaining empty with fresh sperm) could again remain empty with refrigerated sperm ....
With a lot of hope we believed in it and on February 1st we had the refrigerated semen sent .
The female gave birth on 04 April 2021 8 beautiful Newfoundland puppies !!!!!
I sincerely thank Dogoteka for helping me have such a large litter especially with refrigerated sperm.





I highly recommend the FertiAdapt.
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