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Opinion Sabina

In the spring, we adopted a 6-month-old mix breed dog into the family.

After two weeks, his stool was soft and slowly turning into liquid diarrhea. He was given antibiotics by a veterinarian and the situation calmed down. The first day after stopping taking antibiotics, the situation worsened drastically. The dog walked out to poo every 20 minutes. He pooped fresh blood and a test at the vet showed a giardia infection. He was given other antibiotics and antiparasitic pills, but the situation did not calm down. The diarrhea was severe and bloody. As I desperately browsed the internet for natural products, I found the Diagiar product from Dogoteka. Following the advice, I started adding Lactoadapt and Multiadapt to it. He discontinued Diagiar therapy after 2 months and the stool test showed that he was negative for giardiasis.




Greetings, Sabina


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