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If your dog has problems with allergies, dandruff, recurring skin inflammations, hot spots, etc ... be sure to read the story below !!!

HEKTOR is a 3 year old Maltese male. Since he was taken from the breeder, he has had problems with skin lesions. Regardless of the type of care products we used or the diet, problems always accompanied him. Ugly, large, inflamed multiple dermatitis, most often immediately with green discharge. After visiting several vets, steroid therapy and antiallergic preparations ... we gave up. Nothing helped, maybe after the steroids, the changes There was a small improvement, but new dermatitis were still coming out. On the recommendation of a friend, we contacted Kasia Niemiec of Dogoteka Polska. And here there was a turning point.

Ms. Kasia questioned us, we also received support for some problems ... and recommendations for the administration of drops of CortiAdapt orally and for cutaneous use CortiAdapt gel.
The photos show the state before and after a week of treatment. As an owner who used to spend time with vets and who was helpless, today I can say: I RECOMMEND IT WITH ALL MY HEART !!! Hektor no longer has a single dermatitis, he no longer bites, because nothing hurts him and his skin is not itchy anymore. CortiAdapt in drops has increased its immunity in such a way that the skin condition is perfect, and CortiAdapt gel is perfect for wounds, skin lesions, ear inflammations, in short, a "must have" product.


cortiadapt, cortiadaptgel


cortiadapt, cortiadaptgel


cortiadapt, cortiadaptgel


Prepared by Kasia Niemiec, Dogoteka Polska.


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