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Why is it important to supplement the dog's diet with selenium?

Selenium is an essential mineral that should be part of every dog's diet. The daily food ration should contain 0.05 mg of selenium for each kilo of food.

Selenium is a natural antioxidant that carries out its protective action against free radicals and preserves the elasi9kticity of tissues that tend to lose it due to aging. Selenium fulfills this function by delaying the oxidation of polyunsaturated fatty acids. All the diseases related to aging are influenced by the action of selenium, therefore the intake of balanced doses of selenium with the diet or with the integration is very important as it ensures physical well-being and a longer life. Selenium is essential for fertility and reproduction. Research carried out on animals showed that rats with selenium deficiency produced immobile spermatozoa, almost all broken up near the tail. Other studies have shown that selenium deficiency causes infertility. Male sperm cells contain large amounts of selenium that are lost during sexual intercourse. The need for selenium is consequently higher for males than for females.

Selenium is very important in the fight against lymphoma, as it helps to repel toxins and reduce cholesterol that nourishes cancer cells. This mineral that should already be present in the dog's diet should be increased to optimal levels in animals with lymphoma.

In addition to its antioxidant function against free radicals, selenium is indicated for:

Selenium-rich foods include brewer's yeast, meat (muscle and entrails), fish and seafood, cereals, brazil nuts, broccoli, cabbage, cucumber, radish, garlic, onions, yeasts, molasses and milk products .

The liver, heart, spleen and kidneys contain much higher amounts of selenium than muscles and other tissues. The concentration of selenium in food is largely lost when cooking food. Cereal refining reduces the selenium content by 50-75%, boiling reduces it by 45%.

Its concentration in the blood is 0.22 mcg / 100 ml.

Selenium overdose can cause problems and cause health risks. Abnormal hair loss may be a "first warning" that you are giving more selenium than your animal needs.


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