Synergy of nature and science

The experience of Mrs Graf and Gwendy

At 9 weeks Gwendy had a serious Giardia infection.

Despite treatment with the most common medications, she continued to have diarrhea and did not gain weight.
She first used LactoAdapt and changed her diet.
In addition, Mrs. Graf used MultiaAdapt for the immune system and DiaGiar to fight intestinal parasites.
With this treatment, the stools quickly adjusted, Gwendy gained weight constantly and after showing perfect digestion, she was given the Proartleg junior for ligaments and joints.
Today, as a young participant, she successfully passed her character test.
Congratulations Mrs Graf 😘


lactoadapt, Multiadapt, diagiar, proartleg junior


Prepared by Petra Maibuchen Germany, distributor for Dogoteka Germany


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