Opinion Beata Kucharska

Published: 16.08.2020

Female of Cane Corso INFORGETTABILE Del-Orte - by Beata Kucharska (kennel Corazon Rubino).

INFORGETTABILE Del-Orte Fatto took Dogoteka nutritional supplements from the puppy age. Recently, Mija has used FertiAdapt and we are happy to announce that on July 31st, the long-awaited children of a great combination entered the world of the Cane Corso Italiano ZKwP / FCI! Litter for letter L. The parents of the puppies are healthy, and above all stable, without fear, worthy representatives of their breed, both parents are dogs with strong bones and excellent construction. In their genetics there are the best bloodlines


Our female took Dogoteka products before and during pregnancy. Products recommended by Kasia Niemiec, Dogoteka Polska.
We have 6 beautiful puppies.


Fertiadapt, dogoteka


Prepared by Kasia Niemiec, Dogoteka Poland.

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