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Opinione Natalia Iwańska

Bubble -very smart, always cheerful and eager to eat 11 week old puppy suffered an injury. All the misfortune was that he went away for a moment because of someone left the gate unlocked. He came back after a while….. moving strangely, like limping.

Additionally, he had a big swelling in the cervical area, he was apathetic and lost his appetite. The owner immediately went to the veterinary doctor with a puppy, a full range of morphological tests, x-rays and ultrasound was done because it was difficult to determine what was the background of these symptoms. Studies didn't prove anything. Babel got antibiotics and pain medication. In addition, due to the age of the puppy, the digestive tract was irritated. The owner received instructions from us to use LactoAdapt immediately to support the intestine, to secure the digestive tract and to improve absorption, and due to the unknown origin of injury (orthopedic, neurological) use of ProArtLeg for a period of 1 month.
Today BUBEL is running around like crazy, and its appetite is back to normal.
Thank you for your trust and full documentation!!!



Prepared by Kasia Niemiec, Dogoteka Polska, Published on Facebook on 3.11.2020


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