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Opinion Thore Appel

Mini Bully male meanwhile 9 months


Diarrhea like water, alternating solid excrement

Dewormed several times with specific products

Vet test negative for Giardia



Nutrition began with our proven Exclusion intestinal veterinary food - cans of wet food given a few days earlier. At the same time Lacto Adapt is administered morning and evening based on weight; in case of diarrhea, like water, it can also be dosed twice. After a few days, the stool was already much firmer. Then the integration with Diagiar began. Anf after he got dry food from Exclusion. About 3 weeks have passed since the treatment and the stools are solid, the young male is gaining weight ..... I will continue to follow .....



diagiar, lactoadapt, dogoteka


Prepared by Petra Maibuechen, Futterglueck Germany
Published on Facebook 21.12.2019


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