Published: 19 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Dorota Mysłowska

Puppies of papillon - kennel Butterflies of the South (Dorota Mysłowska).

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Published: 17 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Kamila Drozdowska

English Bulldog Puppies - kennel Sen o buldogach (Kamila Drozdowska).

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Published: 16 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Rafaał Wasilewski

German Shepherd's puppy - owner Rafaał Wasilewski kennel - Equus Aneta Bilińska

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Published: 13 JANUARY 2021

Welsh Corgi Cardigan

Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies - owner Beata Ring (allevamento Napoleonic Welsh FCI Corral). 4 month old Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies addicted to ProArtLeg Junior. They use it and highly recommend it. Just look at their beautiful bodies and MEGA ears ❤ Beautiful, healthy...

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Published: 06 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Agata Sibielak Stypa

Miniature bulterier and central Asian shepherd - dr. veterinary medicine Agata Sibielak Stypa

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Published: 08 DECEMBER 2020

Tris therapy - Great Dane

The owner asked for help for his 4-month-old Great Dane with the incorrect position of rear legs.

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Published: 30 NOVEMBER 2020

Opinion Bilka Tomažin

Mocca Maasai, a German shepherd female from the working line, started using ProArtLeg Junior at 3 months to support her growth.

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Published: 26 NOVEMBER 2020

Tris therapy

Tris therapy - ProArtLeg maxy, ProArtLeg junior, Multiadapt

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Published: 19 NOVEMBER 2020

Opinion Milena Podgórska

AMERICAN BULLY XXL, STORM dog - owner Milena Podgórska (Baribal Bully kennel)

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Published: 10 NOVEMBER 2020

Tris therapy - Roger

The little male came to us on recommendation.

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Published: 06 NOVEMBER 2020

Tris therapy - Rottweiler

Here we see before - after photos of a young Rottweiler. Its owner is now very satisfied with the overall development and the strong ligaments.

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Published: 07 OCTOBER 2020

Tris therapy

Dogo argentino puppy of 5 months. The owner contacted us due to his dog's growing problems. The dog had marked problems on the forehand (french stand).

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Published: 06 OCTOBER 2020

Opinion Beata Ring

Welsh Corgi Cardigan VANILLKA – breeder Beata Ring. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan (FCI) kennel uses Dogoteka supplements.

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Published: 03 OCTOBER 2020

Gustaw and ProArtLeg junior

The French Bulldog GUSTAW uses ProArtLeg junior 😊 to ensure harmonious growth.

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Published: 02 OCTOBER 2020

Opinion Ursule Müller

Great dane at 6 months before (foto on left) and 4 weeks later (fotos on the right), after treatment with Dogoteka's TRIS combination:

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Published: 10 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Damian Grabarczyk

A German Shepherd puppy named BOSTON - owner Damian Grabarczyk

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Published: 08 SEPTEMBER 2020

ACL Praga

For the appreciation of an expert we are always grateful. Thanks a lot to MVDr. Milan Štourač, CSc. for the perfect photo documentation and we are very happy that the products helped the dog so well. Other comments are not needed I think ..

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Published: 04 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Beata Ring

Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies - owner Beata Ring (kennel Napoleońska Zagroda Welsh FCI). 4 month old Welsh Corgi Cardigan puppies (Wanilia, Richard, Bella) addicted to ProArtLeg Junior. They use and recommend!

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Published: 24 AUGUST 2020

Tris therapy

The owner administered Tris therapy (Proartleg Maxy, Proartleg Junior, Multiadapt).

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Published: 22 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Dagmara Wloch

La cucciolata di Boston Terrier è nata 6 settimane fa. Quando tutti i cuccioli hanno iniziato a camminare, uno dei cuccioli ha avuto problemi a usare il posteriore, a muoversi e stare in piedi come il resto dei fratelli.

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Published: 14 AUGUST 2020

The experience of Mrs Graf and Gwendy

At 9 weeks Gwendy had a serious Giardia infection.

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Published: 12 AUGUST 2020

Multiadapt, Proartleg Junior, Proartleg Maxy

German shepherd 5 months old

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Published: 10 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Vlatka

Dolly, 6-month-old Pomeranian female ❤️

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Published: 02 AUGUST 2020


Alanis is a beautiful white Swiss shepherd imported from Norway. I was looking forward to her sexual maturity because I really wanted to mix her interesting pedigree in my lines, believing in a great results.

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Published: 01 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Kasia Barton

ProartLeg Junior! Papillon puppy - breeder Kasia Barton

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Published: 11 JULY 2020

Psarna de BOVRIL - papillon

After a few days of use, our puppies’s ears are already in place !!! Without the use of any other preparations, especially patches that have a negative effect on the hair, skin and psyche of puppies. Thank you Kasia for the advice and the possibility of using such a pre...

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Published: 11 JULY 2020

The 4 month old Great Dane puppy

The 4 month old Great Dane puppy was fed a wrong diet, which caused the wrong position of the front legs.

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Published: 10 JULY 2020

Opinion Maria Grzelak

Kennel Quitte Ray FCI thanks very much for the great joint supplements for the younger ProArtLeg® junior, thanks to which we can take care of the joints of our cardigans (Welsh Corgi), a very important thing during their growth. We recommend all products!!!

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Published: 09 JULY 2020

Chumani von Arlett

I am a German Shepherd puppy. We are very proud that the offspring has already been chosen for training and work with people.

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Published: 06 JULY 2020

Opinion Monika Czerniawska

7-year-old TOFIK already had mild problems with the musculoskeletal system due to his age. Getting up from lying down and his favorite jump on the chair caused him problems. His owner gave him ProArtLeg. Now TOFIK is much better, happy and can freely jump on her favorit...

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Published: 04 JULY 2020

Opinion Mirjana Makevič Solomun

I am pleasantly surprised. In just 4 days with ProartLeg Junior ... We raised our ears ... TA DAM !!! Thanks first of all for the recommendation to Nedim Šuta. And then for the fast delivery to Lara Kralj ... Thanks a lot.

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Published: 03 JULY 2020

Opinion Angel

She has been taking Proartleg Junior from the beginning and has recently started Cortiadapt for pigmentation. Her upper line has improved, her gait is more solid and her foot is strong.

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Published: 30 JUNE 2020

Opinion Egitte van Veghel

Recently we came in contact with DOGOTEKA and their products. I had two new imports from Japan and they always need a bit of a boost. Their puppy time is usually different from the way we raise our pups so I started to give the male Proartleg Junior, and boy we see the ...

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Published: 28 JUNE 2020

Opinion Izabele Maratos

We are a breeders of Romanian Mioritic Shepherd dogs "COLLIS AMORES". Recently, we have been using supplements from Kasia Niemiec (Non Dimenticare Company)*note from Dogoteka- Non Dimenticare is distributor of Dogoteka Supplements for Poland.

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Published: 15 JUNE 2020

Tris therapy

First and second picture - German shepherd at 6 months of age with problems in front feet. Third picture the same dog at 9 months of age. Tris therapy was used in meantime - Proartleg Maxy, Proartleg Junior and MultiAdapt

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Published: 04 APRIL 2020

Opinion Agata Sibielak Stypa

Miniature bull terriers (HUGO and PYSIA) and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs CAO (IRKISH) - Veterinarian, breeder Agata Sibielak Stypa I RECOMMEND!!!

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Published: 28 MARCH 2020

Opinion ProArtLeg Maxy, Junior

Purebred Podenco ibicenco puppy with ear problems. Ears that are too soft and don't stand up.

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Published: 12 FEBRUARY 2020

Opinion Alexandra Tavares

This puppy is a saved puppy. On the day he came to his new home he was limping and his front feet were soft and started to turn outside.

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Published: 24 JANUARY 2020

A story of a boxer puppy

We were contacted by a breeder from boxers that had a puppy with a problem in growth. After a detailed description of the problem we advised the breeder how to proceed correctly with the therapy for the best possible result.

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Published: 15 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Leonora Dacar

This summer, the eldest daughter brought a lovely Newfundland puppy to the house. Immeasurable happiness. But since our arrival at our home, our puppy was very slow, lazy, he couldn't get up, he only went to the walk with treats, and only to the creek…

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Published: 29 AUGUST 2019

Opinion Magdalena Szymanska

YOGI grows on ProArtLeg junior and is fantastic. Every day he actively spends his time, runs, swims and diversifies the lives of his older brothers at home. Thank you Kasia Niemiec (Company Non Dimenticare) for support.

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Published: 22 JULY 2019

Opinion Szymon Karnas

These beautiful puppies use LactoAdapt to reduce their susceptibility to diseases, to increase their immunity and to stimulate their appetite in the transition to solid food, while young puppies receive Proartleg Junior for harmonious growth.

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Published: 21 JULY 2019

Black German shepherd, 5 months of age

Black German shepherd , 5 months of age, picture before and after .... now is 6 months old. Therapy with tris Multiadapt, ProArtLeg Junior and Proartleg Maxy. Still the dog is not perfect but obvious improvement can be noticed.

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Published: 16 JULY 2019

Great Dane with limping problem

Our dane at less than eight months of age, he began to limp on his right front leg. The cause was not clear, but probably it was panosteitis, caused by a change of nutrition and faster growth than in previous months but also an accident was not excluded.

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Published: 15 JULY 2019

Great Dane puppy black of 4 months - owner Klaudia Bujalska

Elmir Eleazar Alter Idem, this is the name of this beautiful puppy is grown with our Proartleg Junior.

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Published: 09 JULY 2019

A very difficult case of a black Great Dane puppy

Due to the request of the owner, we do not share the whole image of the dog or its data.

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Published: 25 JUNE 2019

Opinion Anna Krymová

Thank you very much Anna Krymová for the photos and opinion. We wish that your puppy would grow perfectly. ProArtLeg junior is an ideal, general dietary supplement for dogs and cats, used in the growth phase, thanks to which we achieve excellent results with our puppies...

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Published: 20 MAY 2019

Opinion Ewelina Plachecka

DRACO uses our ProArtLeg junior and MultiAdaptas as a prevention and help for growth. The period of growth is so difficult for such an incredibly beautiful animal.

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Published: 09 MAY 2019

Marcello - ProArtLeg Junior

Introducing Marcello Pomeranian puppy. His family wanted him so much and finally the puppy arrived. Following the advice of their veterinarian for Marcello they chose Proartleg junior as a supplement that will accompany him in his growth.

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Published: 23 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Great Dane

So well are straightening the back legs of the 5-months-old dane after changing his nutrition and starting with the Proartleg Junior, Proartleg Maxy and Multiadapt supplements. This is the result after 1 month of use of this trio. And let's continue forward. We thank th...

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Published: 18 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Tammy Pocock

We have achieved excellent results using Proartleg junior, Proartleg maxi and Multiadapt on our young puppy who was looking weak on her front feet at 8 weeks old, with help from Ksenija (Dogoteka) we got her on the correct dosage and now she is growing beautifully and ...

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Published: 13 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion ProArtLeg junior and MultiAdapt

Pictures before and after three weeks of therapy with ProArtLeg Junior and Multiadapt.

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Published: 01 FEBRUARY 2019

Opinion Eniko Pogany Takacs

We present you a blue Great Dane female Candy. She was sold at 10 weeks of age to a new family.When she was 4 month old her legs start to be very weak.Her breeder decided to try ProArtLeg Maxi and Multiadapt.She now has 8 month old and now she continue with ProArtLeg Ju...

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Published: 11 JANUARY 2019

Opinion Celine

We present you a blue Great Dane female Olysheeran. She was sold at 2 months of age to a new family and she was returned to a breeder at age 4 in this conditions.

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Published: 09 JULY 2018

Opinion Shih Tzu BaZi Plus Stelo

This product as used in puppies of 4 weeks of age. Puppies in age of development gain their weight very fast so I bought this product as prevention. I recommend it to all breeders so their puppies can grow perfect.

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Published: 09 APRIL 2018

Opinion Jacopo Masuero

We have used the "ProArtLeg" products on a puppy of great dane of almost 5 months, which since three weeks showed to have serious problems of support on the front legs, so we intervened with ProArtLeg Maxy, ProArtLeg Junior and MultiAdapt and in just three week there wa...

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Published: 19 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Katarína Čerešňáková

I have learned about ProArtLeg more than two years ago. First I started to give ProArtLeg MAXI to my adult females. After some time of using of ProArtLeg MAXI, a litter “B” was born in my kennel, from which I kept a baby.

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Published: 18 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Kristýna Krčmová Höfferová

"I have just begun with ProArtLeg junior, I think I'm giving to my dog exactly what he needs in his development, and I will continue in adult age because I met a Great dane who has excellent condition despite his illness just thanks to these products, so I can only rec...

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Published: 18 DECEMBER 2017

Opinion Nina Prcač Dolinšek

I have been using Dogotine products for many years now and I am very pleased with them. I use them as an aid for joints in the growth of my puppies, as a prevention (joints, muscles) in adult dogs, because we are very active. I recommend the products to the owners of ou...

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