Published: 21 JANUARY 2021


First litter Calex delivered 5 puppies. Before the second cover I decided to give to Calexis #FertiAdapt.

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Published: 07 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Marie Nee

Today a little report from me! We have a bitch that stayed empty once, then had a small litter and stayed empty again the next time when she was covered.

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Published: 06 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Agata Sibielak Stypa

Miniature bulterier and central Asian shepherd - dr. veterinary medicine Agata Sibielak Stypa

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Published: 02 JANUARY 2021

Opinion Ralf Dangers

Petra Maibüchen thank you very much for the tip with Ferti Adapt..... great!!!..... and again a female covered without problems, taken in without problems and delivered a large healthy litter!!!

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Published: 11 DECEMBER 2020


When nature comes together, nothing more beautiful will be created than a new life, 5 times

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Published: 16 NOVEMBER 2020

Opinione Izabela Guzanek

Happy user of FertiAdapt testimonial

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Published: 12 OCTOBER 2020

Opinion Con Tilia

After previously having had great results with my stud dog, I decided to give FertiAdapt to one of my females before she was to be mated and until 5 weeks of gestation. She gave us 11 healthy puppies, when in her previous litter she had 5. I recommend this product for f...

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Published: 10 OCTOBER 2020


After the first mating failed, female Arya gave birth to 11 healthy babies with the help of Fertiadapt! Wow! ❤️ The birth was very quick and easy, mom and the puppies are fine. Congratulations to all!

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Published: 07 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Debora Hławiczka

Golder Retriever female ABI - owner Debora Hławiczka

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Published: 05 SEPTEMBER 2020

Opinion Soni Hromadová

We are very happy about the message from our client Soni Hromadová. Her female French bulldog was using the FertiAdapt product and Soňa sent us a message about a successful mating. Apparently there are about 7 small puppies in the tummy, yipeee and congratulations!

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Published: 25 AUGUST 2020

Opinione Joanna Balcerzak

Bibi, Maltese expecting “FertiAdapt puppies”. Previously she absorbed whole litter, this time her belly is full of well developing puppies, due on 20th September 2020. She is fan on FertAdapt and MultiAdapt.

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Published: 23 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Daniele Prosseda

Since our veterinarian recommended FertiAdapt to improve the reproductive cycles of our Pomeranians and French Bulldogs, the results came suddenly, even with females who have had serious difficulties in becoming pregnant for years.

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Published: 16 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Beata Kucharska

Female of Cane Corso INFORGETTABILE Del-Orte - by Beata Kucharska (kennel Corazon Rubino).

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Published: 08 AUGUST 2020

Opinion Kennel House of Hope

We are very happy to announce our new litter.

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Published: 11 JULY 2020

Psarna de BOVRIL - papillon

After a few days of use, our puppies’s ears are already in place !!! Without the use of any other preparations, especially patches that have a negative effect on the hair, skin and psyche of puppies. Thank you Kasia for the advice and the possibility of using such a pre...

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Published: 07 JULY 2020

Opinion Agata Zawadzka

I highly recommend FertiAdapt! My 10 year old Bernese AMICUS has sperm like a young dog after treatment with this product! The vet asked three times the age of the dog because he didn't believe it !!!

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Published: 07 JULY 2020

Opinion Passernomen kennel

We are happy to announce our next SBT litter. Puppies are due on 24th July. We would like to thank Debbie Desmond for letting us to use Dodge (Ch. Elitebulls Challenger JW)

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Published: 04 JULY 2020


Another victory for our Fertiadapt! The French bulldog kennel Kanedaia Imperial has decided to ask for help to have a bigger litter. After the previous litter that had brought only two puppies ... this time with the help of Fertiadapt, they gave birth to 5 healthy puppi...

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Published: 21 JUNE 2020

Opinion Dunja Plestenjak Beurier

After many exceptionally prolific and successful stud years, our 7,5-year old male suddenly encountered fertility problem with very low spermatozoid count. Detailed clinical examinations done by best French reproductive vets were unable to isolate the cause of this prob...

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Published: 17 JUNE 2020

Opinion Pallas Athene

I think it's time to publish a personal thank you to Ksenija and Patrizio Donati. About 2 years ago we came along the products of Dogoteka by Ursula Müller, Doggen Schloß Laupheim and since then we have started to use these products in our own dogs for the most diverse ...

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Published: 10 JUNE 2020

Opinion Eniko Pogany Takacs

Thank you Dogoteka our long awaited litter is here.After first unsucessfull mating we were sad 😢My friend Janka Trepacova from Healthy dog Slovakia show me this fantastic product Fertiadapt just only 1 month before our second mating.-unfortunatly our second mating was a...

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Published: 04 APRIL 2020

Opinion Agata Sibielak Stypa

Miniature bull terriers (HUGO and PYSIA) and Central Asian Shepherd Dogs CAO (IRKISH) - Veterinarian, breeder Agata Sibielak Stypa I RECOMMEND!!!

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Published: 03 APRIL 2020

Opinion Sofie Geukens

After 2 times of unsuccessful matings, We can let you know we will have puppies begin April!

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Published: 31 MARCH 2020

Opinion Mariola Braun

Bichon Frise puppies - kennel Adrimar Asta FCI, owner Mariola Braun. Seven puppies were born in kennel Adrimar Asta FCI.

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Published: 29 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Sara Alujevic

Alpha female Rottweiler of two and a half years has recently became a part of our family. We are currently preparing for her first litter and for this we want to offer her the best supplements so that she can give birth to healthy puppies.

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Published: 19 JANUARY 2020

Opinion White Dream Team

White dream team Majestique malo “BAX” is my real “dream until your dreams come true” dog.

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Published: 10 JANUARY 2020

Opinion Szerencsi

Unfortunately, the cycle of our dog Aljoscha (German Shepherd) has completely lost its rhythm, so that he has not had ovulation during the last heat.

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Published: 19 NOVEMBER 2019

Opinion Jo Cathie vzrediteljica - Cinderhof GSD

After covering his first female, the next three females mated to Vandaal failed to conceive.Despite being a healthy young male kept in a good environment, on semen analysis we found only 50% viable semen and very low mobility. Following treatment for a slightly enlarge...

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Published: 11 OCTOBER 2019

Opinion Anita Viragh

After years of unsuccessful matings now I can confirm - we will have puppies. My female was covered several times but without success. I lost all my faith but Dogoteka gave me back. After treatment with Fertiadapt I can confirm now that my female is expecting puppies! T...

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Published: 26 AUGUST 2019

Spermiogram result

Spermiogram result in a stud male before and after treatment with FertiAdapt

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Published: 10 MAY 2019

Border collie female-3 years old

First time the female was covered she was empty, nevertheless all the tests were done and all the values were correct. After the owner decided to use Fertiadapt and cover the female next heat. The ecography was done that confirms the pregnancy, the female expects 5 pupp...

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Published: 09 MAY 2019

Huma Czar Olbrzyma 2.5 years

I would like to sincerely thank two people thanks to whom my dog ​​became father of 5 puppies. Gabriela Kubalska-Marczak, who gave me the hope for fighting for these puppies and who listened to the advice of Kasia Niemiec (Non Dimenticare - official Dogoteka distributor...

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Published: 07 MAY 2019

Opinion Dr. Talpag Balint, Vet-Home

She is Gloria. We tried to Inseminate her 3 times. We made alle the gynaecological examinations, ultrasound, bacterial proves and hormone levels. Without any success. She got not pregnant.... 3 heats without any success.

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