Published: 03 SEPTEMBER 2020

How to administer LactoAdapt to your dog

Lara Kralj is sharing her experience about administering LactoAdapt to her dogs

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Published: 02 SEPTEMBER 2020

Dogoteka’s summer Tips and Tricks by Lara Kralj

How to cool off your dog in a hot summer days in a healthy way. A short trial by Lara Kralj from P&Pets distributor for Dogoteka Croatia

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Published: 31 AUGUST 2020

Finished products vs do it yourself

Short video about finished products done with criteria, using standardised and titrated active principles, with dosage pro kg that guarantee the benefit for the pet versus do it yourself therapies with powders or tablets of unknown origin - therefore unknown is also a r...

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Published: 02 APRIL 2020


Giardiasis is intestinal infection in humans and animals, caused by a microscopic protozoan parasite.

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Published: 25 MARCH 2020


Panosteitis in dogs is an inflammatory problem that affects long bones. It occurs, mostly in large and giant breeds, during the growth phase. It is manifested by a sometimes sudden lameness that "moves" from one limb to another. In this short video dr. Patrizio Donati ...

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Published: 17 JANUARY 2020

Hyperflexory syndrome and hyperextensory syndrome, dr. Patrizio Donati DVM

A problem that affects puppies in their early stages of life, affects puppies of certain breeds. Through the images dr. Patrizio Donati explains the two pathologies, causes and therapies.

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